• New Member: Puffed Perfection

    September 26, 2016
    The Tulare Chamber welcomes new member, Puffed Perfection.

    If this is the first you have heard of Puffed Perfection, let me tell you that it definitely won't be the last. Puffed Perfection, is a delicious little sweet treat that will make you forget all about that popcorn stuff.  It's basically corn meal and a few other ingredients all mixed together and baked until, POOF! These perfect little, sweet, crunchy, delicious, addicting, wonderful little puffs of yumminess magically explode into the goodness that Cindy Hill has so perfectly named, yep, "Puffed Perfection". With no seeds or hulls to worry about, it's a tasty treat all ages can enjoy.

    The madness started back in December of 2015 when Hill, a single mom who has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over 35 years, refused to give up her independence and came up with the idea to make and sell a delicious, sweet treat that she knew others would love as much as she and her family already did. After testing her product out in Visalia and a few other local flea markets, she knew that she had a hot product on her hands and started trying to figure out how she could market Puffed Perfection to a retail market.  She changed the packaging and purchased new labels and Voila! She is now ready to take your order for parties, weddings, small thoughtful gifts, gift baskets, additions to floral arrangements, etc.  You can also purchase Puffed Perfection at Mailboxes & More in Tulare, The Naked Nut in Visalia, Bravo Farms in Tulare and Visalia and more locations coming soon.
    For more information or to purchase product please call 559-786-4548, check us out on Facebook or email puffedperfection@gmail.com
    Cindy Hill, Owner
    (559) 786-4548