• Information for the City of Tulare’s COVID-19 Small Business Grant Program

    Funding provided for small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19, to be used to prevent, prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Please read the helpful information below before continuing to the application with all requirements listed. 

    Access complete grant information and application here.

    To calculate income for the CDBG grant:

    ·         Calculate the business owner's total current monthly gross household income for everyone 18 and older and multiply by 12.

    o   One-time stimulus payments not included

    o   Unemployment is included. 

    o   Tax filings are not relevant as eligibility is based on current monthly income

    Using the above information, see the income limits below to verify eligibility. 

    To calculate employees for the grant: 


    Eligible business may have 5 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) or fewer employees including the business owner.

    o   1 FTE = 40 hours per week.

    o   2 part-time employees at 20 hours per week = 1 FTE