Leadership Tulare’s mission is to provide a dynamic and stimulating forum to prepare, involve and expose a culturally diverse group who are committed and competent to address the challenges of our community.


  • Objectives

      • Select individuals from a variety of geographic, ethnic, institutional and economic backgrounds with an interest in and the leadership ability to address emerging and ongoing community issues.
      • Prepare the participants with information, training, activities, experiences and motivation to assume responsible and demanding roles in solving a variety of community challenges.
      • Involve our emerging leaders through simulation and assignment in using their talent, resources and expertise to address community problems.
      • Sustain the involvement, interest and association of current and emerging leaders.
      • Through the program curricula, participants will develop and refine their leadership skills as they meet current leaders, participate in problem solving discussions and observe the operation of community efforts.



    Apply for the 2021-2022 Leadership Tulare Class


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