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    HotSpot AG is a farm management tool, developed to simplify irrigation and help growers comply with ever-changing regulations. Created by a fourth-generation farm family, HotSpot AG is engineered to solve the problems farmers face in real time with an interface that is accessible by any smartphone, tablet, or computer. From these devices, you can monitor aspects such as flow, pressure, filter, soil moisture, incoming power usage, well level, reservoir level, pump status, along with current weather conditions such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, solar radiation, and rain collection. With HotSpot Ag, you can also control the opening and closing of valves, turn on and off pumps and engines used to power pumps and wind machines, and inject fertilizers with their top-of-the-line fertigation system. All control functions can be remotely used at the touch of a button or scheduled for future use with HotSpot Ag’s intuitive and easy to use scheduling tool. With three California locations and supporting over 100 ranches in 17 different counties, HotSpot Ag has a way to fill the monitoring and/or automation needs of all growers.